Accident Lawyers: Expense Or Investment?

Posted on: 27 June 2016

After a car accident, you're likely to be shocked and emotionally overwhelmed. However, you shouldn't let the shock and the emotions cloud the objectivity of the decisions you make right after the accident.

Because legal services are relatively expensive, you might want to evaluate whether you really need the services of an accident lawyer. Here are three situations in which you should hire an accident attorney without a second thought.

Long-Term Injuries

Simply put, a long-term injury is one whose effects you'll continue to feel for the remaining part of your life. For example, you may need to use a wheelchair to get around after the accident.

Long-term injuries will force you to adapt to a difference kind of lifestyle and they might hinder your ability to earn a living like you used to before the accident.

In the absence of an attorney, it might not be easy for you to determine whether the kind of compensation that might be offered is fair considering the nature of your injuries and their long-term implications.

At-Fault States

If you live in an "at-fault" state, hiring an accident lawyer should be more of an obligation than a choice. In relation to motor vehicle accident claims, your state is either a "no-fault" state or it's an "at-fault" state. The difference between the two is that "no-fault" states require your insurance service provider to compensate you for injuries without necessarily proving that you are not to blame for the accident.  

It's relatively common for an errant motorist to deny responsibility for an accident. If you live in an "at-fault" state, the need to prove liability is a stumbling block towards getting the much-needed compensation from your auto insurer. Thus, you need a competent accident lawyer who will "disintegrate" this stumbling block.

Government Vehicles

A car accident involving two private vehicles, minor injuries and in which there's no disagreement about who is liable for the accident is a relatively straight-forward scenario. You might not need a lawyer for such a situation.

However, this equation changes if one of the private vehicles is replaced with a government vehicle. Instead of taking an individual citizen to court, you'll be taking the government to court. Government officers may be immune to liability in the event that they're involved in an accident while on duty.

Getting compensation in such a scenario might be somewhat tricky. Don't hesitate to involve a legal expert like CLP Legal.


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