Contemplating Divorce: Three Key Considerations When Seeking a Divorce Lawyer

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Since many people have no prior experience with legal issues regarding divorce, they may end up wasting their time and money as they seek a divorce lawyer who fits their needs. Finding a good lawyer can be rewarding because it will make the divorce process short, less-expensive, and without emotional outbursts. This article highlights some key considerations when seeking the services of a divorce lawyer

Ask Former Divorce Clients and Law Society the Right Questions -- When it comes to the critical matter of divorce, you do not want to stake your life and wealth on an inexperienced lawyer. Seek the opinion of clients who have used the services of this firm before. Always ask former clients their opinion regarding their experience with the law firm. Did the lawyer prioritize their cases? Were their cases settled amicably? Did they receive any refunds? Since such opinions are often subjective, assess their relevance before making a sound decision on whether to engage the firm or not. You can also seek more information from the law society in your jurisdiction. Such information may protect you from getting into a contract with a crooked lawyer who has accumulated many grievances from former clients.  

The Lawyer Should Prioritize Your Divorce Case -- After ticking the appropriate boxes on your checklist concerning the qualities you need in a divorce lawyer, ask yourself one question many people often overlook—are you comfortable with the person, not the lawyer? You should trust the person you choose to have your interests at heart. If the lawyer is emotionally invested in your case, they will always prioritize it. Have the divorce lawyer give you assurances that your case will be given maximum priority. To identify such a lawyer, organize several meetings before agreeing to a contract. 

Cost and Flexibility in Paying Legal Fees -- Some divorce lawyers will not charge you for the initial briefing, while others charge a small fee. For those on a small budget, avoid lawyers who charge a hefty fee on consultation or hourly fees. Find out the amount that your lawyer will charge per hour and how much you are supposed to pay upfront as retainer fees since most law firms insist on this fee. Make sure you and your lawyer sign a contract explicitly stating the fee agreed upon and if any money would be refunded if you do not use all your billable hours. A contract outlining a fee agreement also helps you prepare alternative sources of finance when the retainer fee is depleted, but the case is far from over.      

While all the above tips can help you when choosing your divorce lawyer, the process is not perfect because there are no guarantees. You may find a good attorney, who has never lost a divorce case, but does not inspire confidence and trust. Just like many things in life, you will have to make compromises before getting a suitable lawyer for your case.      


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