Is Being a Solicitor The Job For You?

Posted on: 17 August 2016

What to do with that law degree? You know you want to be a lawyer and work in court, but you don't know specifically how. While there are many options, not all will be the right fit. It does not matter how well they pay or how you can become one if you do not like the job description. Here is one option that may be right for you: a solicitor.

Basic Duties

The basic duties of a solicitor are more of a background job. You will not have the main speaking job in a court situation, which is great if you are a bit on the shier side. You will be required to appear in court, but you will not be the leader. Most of your duties will be behind the scenes. You will work with clients to warn them of their rights and duties. You will also work with larger business in doing the same thing. You will give legal advice to anyone who asks, and you will be responsible for preparing any documents necessary for a case.

Future Employment

Starting out your career as a solicitor may open doors to higher up positions with the more practice you have. After being a general solicitor (the time will vary depending on the practice), you could then move up to being an associate then a senior associate (if such a position is available in your practice). Last of all, you could become a partner of the association.

Various Firm Options

Working in a small vs. large firms will change the demands put on you. The following shows you the different types the benefits of working in each.

  • Sole practitioner- This type of firm generally has one head (not multiple partners) who employs the other solicitors. The small size of such a firm will mean that your experience with those who need your services will be very personal.
  • Small firm- Small firms have a few partners and are not run by a sole head. The firm will practice various kinds of law, and as a solicitor, you would get the opportunity to have experience in all areas. This can be a great start right after school.
  • Medium firm- This type of business will be a bit more specialized. While there may be several specializations within the firm, their area of expertise is very particular. You may work with individuals or corporations.
  • Large firm- This type of firm is more structured but can also be more difficult to enter if you have just finished law school. These firms do work in many areas.

Selling my house to the kids

I am getting older and the family house is a bit too much for me these days. My daughter has offered to buy the family house from me and will let me continue to live in the granny flat. I want to make sure it's all legal and doesn't impact on my arrangements in my will. I know that there are a lot of older people in the same position as me: looking to keep the house in the family, seeking extra cash, and trying to avoid legal issues later. This blog has the tips on how to make sure the arrangement is legal and suits everyone.