When Do You Need an International Law Firm for Your Business?

Posted on: 22 August 2016

When running a business, no doubt you'll eventually need some legal advice on your business practices, personnel, and the like. However, there are times when it's good to choose an international law firm for that business as opposed to someone who is only skilled with local business law. Note when it's good to hire a law firm that specializes in dealing with legal matters that are beyond your standard local needs and why this can be so important.

When encouraging trade or trying to expand

If your company is looking to expand into a foreign country, or bring the business of a foreign company to you, it's good to use a law firm that is very familiar with the other country in question. This is because they may know of trade policies, economic trends, and even local practices and customs that could affect your business and your attempts to expand, things that a lawyer who is not native to that country may easily overlook. This can also mean ensuring that you locate your new branch in an area of the country that will easily support that business with adequate personnel, public transportation, easy access to airports, lack of competition, and even the right political climate.

When trying to encourage a foreign company to bring their business to your country and use your company for their business through a merger or expansion, a foreign lawyer can advise on what someone in their native country would expect by way of negotiations, communications, and the like. This will ensure you're fully aware of how another country's practices will affect your expansion or business prospects, for the best results.

When bringing in foreign workers

If you need to bring in foreign workers for your business, you'll need to supply them with proper visas and other such paperwork. There are also laws that need to be followed as to their pay and working hours. However, a foreign lawyer can be the right option to assist you in this as they may be better suited to vet any potential foreign workers when it comes to a background check, skills assessment, and other such important considerations. They may assist with any language barrier you may have when bringing those foreign workers to your location, and also note any expectations they may have when relocated. This can be especially important when bringing executives to the country to manage a merger or other such local expansion.


Selling my house to the kids

I am getting older and the family house is a bit too much for me these days. My daughter has offered to buy the family house from me and will let me continue to live in the granny flat. I want to make sure it's all legal and doesn't impact on my arrangements in my will. I know that there are a lot of older people in the same position as me: looking to keep the house in the family, seeking extra cash, and trying to avoid legal issues later. This blog has the tips on how to make sure the arrangement is legal and suits everyone.