Questions You Might Have About Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Posted on: 13 September 2016

A good car accident lawyer can ensure that your medical bills and other such expenses are covered after a car accident in case your insurance company were to try to refuse to cover those costs. A car accident lawyer can also help you sue for added damages as necessary, including lost wages if you should miss work due to injuries you suffer. If you've been in a car accident and are thinking about hiring a car accident lawyer, note a few questions you might have about the process and be sure to discuss these freely with any potential lawyer you might hire.

Do you ever pay money up front?

Most car accident lawyers only charge you a fee if they win, but note that some might charge a consultation fee for your initial meeting. This doesn't mean they're trying to scam you, but it is their way of ensuring they don't spend too much time with people who don't have a case. No matter their fees, this should always be in writing or readily advertised online or elsewhere so you know to expect these fees and don't face any surprises after any consultation or meeting.

What if I wasn't driving?

If you were the passenger in a car that was hit by someone else or was in any type of accident, this doesn't mean you are without options. The insurance company for the driver of the car you were in or the other vehicle involved in the accident should pay your medical costs and lost wages at the very least; if they don't, you may have grounds to sue. No matter the reason for the accident or who was driving, always at least discuss your concerns with a car accident lawyer before assuming that, as a passenger, pedestrian or other such person, you have no rights in the case.

Can car accident lawyers defend the person who was driving?

If you caused an accident and are being sued, chances are your insurance company is really the party that will want to defend itself as they are usually the ones to pay these costs. However, if you didn't have insurance or are being sued for costs not covered by your insurance, car accident attorneys may be your best choice for a defence! This is because they know the arguments that will be used in court in order to get a favourable verdict since they may have used the same arguments themselves. While a criminal defence attorney can be a good choice, a car accident attorney can be even better when you're the defendant in such a case.


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