Qualities of a Good Family Lawyer.

Posted on: 25 July 2018

A family lawyer is a lawyer who specialises in family law. His or her scope of work deals with issues surrounding family relationships such as divorce, spousal maintenance, child custody, child adoption and child support. Family law is widely practised in Australia. Therefore, finding a family lawyer is not a difficult task. However, some qualities set one family lawyer apart from the rest.

Below are qualities you should look for when hiring a family lawyer.


This is the most essential quality of a family lawyer. He or she has to be duly qualified and experienced in the field of family law. Experienced lawyers will offer advice on your character to ensure that you get the best outcomes during judicial proceedings. This is especially so in divorce and child custody situations where the behaviour of a partner can significantly affect a court ruling.


A good family lawyer has to be available at all times. Avoid lawyers who do not respond to emails or those that are not available for scheduled appointments. Such tendencies show that the lawyer is not serious about your matter. A lawyer who practises in your area of residence is better suited to handle your matter than one who practises far from where you live.


Due to the sensitivity of divorce matters, it is critical that the lawyer is compassionate. Lawyers that show compassion are likely to connect with their clients since they understand the emotional impact of what they are going through. In doing so, they create long and lasting relationships with their clients.

Good communication skills

The lawyer should be sensitive to your issues. He or she should be an excellent listener to understand your expectations fully. Further, the lawyer should also be a good speaker to allow him communicate your concerns and needs to the court. Good negotiation skills are particularly critical in out of court settlements.


The lawyer should be objective when handling your case. He or she should give you the strengths and weaknesses of your case in addition to presenting reasonable options that ensure your goals are met.


Ultimately, you do not want your life savings to be eaten up by legal fees. You should look for a family lawyer that charges within your limits. Good lawyers are particular on their charges and when payments are to be made.

A good family lawyer should be affordable, available, objective, compassionate, experienced and an excellent communicator.


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