4 Things You Should Know When Filing For Compensation

Posted on: 27 May 2021

Do you intend to lodge a compensation claim? It could be you were injured at your workplace or suffered a car accident injury. Below are some important things you should know when filing your compensation claim. 

1. Always Work With A Compensation Lawyer

There are no legal stipulations that compel you to hire a compensation lawyer when filing a compensation claim. However, a compensation lawyer can significantly ease the claims process. Below are some reasons why you need a lawyer: 

  • The lawyer has a better understanding of the claims filing process. It is especially so when dealing with an insurance company.
  • The lawyer is best suited to appraise your injuries. For instance, they know how much to ask for a fracture or permanent disability. Besides, the lawyer will raise the compensation by seeking reimbursement for rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain.
  • You would be disadvantaged if you decided to negotiate for compensation with the other party's lawyers. Although you are the aggrieved party, they will use various arguments to reduce your compensation or nullify your claim.
  • A lawyer has the resources and skills required to collect evidence required to argue out your case and prove your claims. 

Understand The Terms Of Your Lawyer

Once you find a suitable lawyer, it would be wise to assess their terms before making any commitments. Most lawyers offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement to clients with a solid case. If this is your case, check the percentage of compensation that will be used to cater to legal costs. Besides, check if you will incur extra charges. You should also assess your contractual obligations. For example, you should consult with the lawyer before accepting offers from the other party. 

Be Honest

Honesty is a vital component of your compensation claim. As you file your claim, any deceit could seem to be harmless since the details of your claim do not seem to be relevant. However, once you commence negotiations, the insurance company will conduct thorough investigations to determine what led to the incident and the extent of your injuries. Untruthful information could be used to argue that you intend to defraud the insurer. Ultimately, you will receive lower compensation. 

Be Patient

Most people expect to receive their compensation after a few weeks. However, this is not always the case. In most cases, the insurance company will give a considerably low offer once you file your claim. Once your lawyer gives a counteroffer, the insurance company could drag the compensation process in a bid to compel you to accept the initial offer. However, if you are patient enough, your lawyer will secure maximum compensation for the injury. 

When filing for personal injury compensation, work with a lawyer, check the lawyer's terms, be honest and patient. 


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