Conveyancing 101: How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Posted on: 5 January 2023

A conveyancer is a professional who assists people who wish to buy or sell real estate. As a property seller, several interventions can help you prepare your property for sale. They go a long way in ensuring you sell the property at the highest price and within a short period. Below is an exhaustive piece detailing how to prepare your property for sale. 

Organise The Required Documentation

Most property sellers presume that they only need the property title when selling the property. However, this is not entirely true. Consult your conveyancer to establish the documents the sellers might request as they conduct due diligence. For instance, it is not uncommon for buyers to ask for an occupation certificate. If you live in a strata development, the seller might need a copy of the strata regulations before committing to the purchase. Some sellers will also ask for renovation permits, safety certificates, and the building code. Your conveyancer helps you acquire these documents. They also ensure the documents meet the required standard. For instance, they could apply for a title change if the property is registered to a trust or a former spouse. 

Consider The Need For Improvements

Your conveyancer examines your property to determine whether it appeals to your target market. For instance, most millennials would want recreational spaces on their properties. Conversely, seniors would want disability-friendly properties since they are bound to develop mobility issues as they age. Your conveyancer suggests return-on-investment projects that can woo potential clients into paying top dollar for the property.  

Determine Appropriate Selling And Advertising Channels

How do you intend to sell the property? Your conveyancer examines prevailing trends to determine how to advertise and sell the property. For example, they could use their networks to market the property or put it up for sale in local listings. Sometimes the conveyancer could recommend selling the property through an auction. An auction would be a good choice if the conveyancer is confident that the property has unique features that could spark a bidding war among interested parties. For instance, it could be that the property is conveniently located or has historical significance to interested buyers. 

Set Up The Property For Home Visits 

Once you put up the property for sale, interested buyers will want to visit the property before giving an offer. Your conveyancer helps you prepare the property for these home visits. For example, you could place some live plants or interior décor elements to make the property appealing. Moreover, you should remove items not included in the sale. 

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