• How are Costs Handled If a Retirement Village Is Not for You?

    If you are approaching retirement age, you may look for a simpler life and consider downsizing to a managed facility. Many people in your situation look at retirement villages, many of which are in your state or territory. Yet the decision to move into such a facility is not one to be taken lightly, and there are many legal and financial factors to consider. Crucially, how are the costs handled, and what should happen if you change your mind shortly after entry?
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  • How Do You Prove Coercion When Contesting a Will?

    The revelation can sometimes be a bombshell when a will is first revealed to the family. Someone expecting to get a provision within the will finds that they are left out completely and that a significant part of the estate has been allocated to someone else entirely. If you are the aggrieved person here, you may wonder how this situation has come about and may have your suspicions. In this case, did that other party exert undue influence on the will-maker, so they changed their mind and proceeded in a different direction entirely?
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  • Why You Should Have a Will Made While You're a Young Adult

    When you think about someone needing to create a will, you might think about this being something important for an older person to do. However, even young adults can benefit from creating a will. If you simply don't understand the importance of creating a will at this stage in your life, consider these reasons why it might, in fact, be a good thing for you to do. You Never Know When Something Could Happen
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